Transcription - Editing - Analysis


There is no substitute for the written word.  Transcription of your public meetings serves as the official record of actions that impact the everyday lives of citizens in your town, city, county or state.  Accurate minutes that document the conversation and deliberation of elected officials, committee members and the general public are a crucial part of documenting the history behind the policies and regulations in your community that form the foundation of effective government.

Over a decade ago, I began transcribing for local governments in Central Virginia as a way to supplement my income while raising my family.  With a degree in Journalism from James Madison University and work experience with governmental, nonprofit and quasi-governmental agencies, I became committed to providing timely and comprehensive minutes for public meetings in Albemarle County and have extended my services through a skilled team of transcriptionists to help help meet the needs of other Virginia localities.

In addition to being fast and accurate typists, my transcriptionists are trained in standard meeting procedures including Robert's Rules of Order and the Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, and are apprised of the specific formatting requirements for each locality prior to beginning a job.  All transcriptionists have a minimum of a high school education, with many having vocational training and/or college degrees. 
We also have a skilled team in place to make your documents searchable through keyword coding and "text mining," helping you to analyze data and generate reports that capture key issues and recurring themes.  Through the use of NVivo, OCR and Clarabridge protocols, we can turn a static set of minutes or interview transcript into a viable document that can help inform your future decisions.
As the challenges facing local governments become increasingly complex, I believe it is imperative that the work of decision-making and advisory bodies be well-documented for use in the present....and in the future.  Please contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote for your next project!
Beth Golden
Beth Golden
Owner and Manager